It’s Christmas eve in the remote Scottish town of Fort William when life is turned upside down for Jen and Rob. Suddenly finding themselves heartbroken, single, betrayed and stranded during a snowstorm, the unlikely pair team up to try and reach home 100 miles away, in time for Christmas. ‘Borrowing’ Jen’s ex-boyfriend’s classic car, the pair hit the road, but it’s not long before the weather turns for the worse forcing them to continue on foot. Bickering and bonding as they cross the snowy Moors of Glencoe they eventually arrive at a remote Inn and in true Christmas style, there is only one room left. Jen and Rob reluctantly agree to room-share as they come to the realisation they are stuck together for Christmas. The weary travellers settle in, mingling with the other guests; who are all dead set on avoiding a traditional Christmas. Christmas Day draws closer as do Jen and Rob as they comfort one another and it isn’t long before romance blossoms.