Perfect Strangers to air on TV

In 2015 a small team of actors and filmmakers set out to make a Christmas Rom Com against the backdrop of the snow covered Scottish Highlands. Little did they know the film would go on to screen at over 20 film festival around the globe. From their opening at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 to winning the audience award at the Glasgow Southside Film Festival, this festive flick won multiple awards and lead actress, Clare Sheerin received a BAFTA Scotland Nomination for her performance.

Over a year has passed since Perfect Strangers’ festival run came to an end and it has now been picked up for distribution in North America and Europe. Sales and distribution company have acquired the broadcast and online rights to the film for 3 years.

The film’s writer/director, BAFTA Scotland Nominee Ryan Hendrick said, “It’s been an incredible journey with this project. It started out as a proof of concept for our feature film “Journey Bound”, and has grown its own legs and achieved great success around the world, much more than any of us could have predicted.”

Perfect Strangers tells the story of Rob and Jen, two heartbroken strangers that meet whilst stranded at a remote train station in the Scottish Highlands during a snow storm. The mismatched pair set off on a journey to try and get home in time for Christmas.

BAFTA Award winning Producer David Newman said, “It's a great opportunity for Perfect Strangers to continue to reach new audiences, it really is a Christmas gift that keeps on giving!"

Actor Kenny Boyle recalls fond memories filming Perfect Strangers on the Rannoch Moors of Glencoe saying, “We all worked so hard on this little film and it means a lot to all of us. We did it on basically no budget and it was a real labour of love making something that we all just really believed in.”

The film features a standout soundtrack with songs from Americana Singer/Songwriter Jack Henderson and renowned Scottish composer Gordon Dougall. “We resisted the urge to present this film with an obvious Celtic sound, I felt it required something soulful and reflective that Jack’s emotional downbeat style enhanced the story beautifully.

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